CHASING STU!!! - A journey for a young man that we can all help out on!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Some of our dog members, Oakley & Willow are howling at us all to give just a bit of support to a young man they know.  His name is Chase.  Chase has a condition called Cystic Fibrosis. 

Oakley & Willows (Malamutes) dad Stu, is going to run a marathon in anticipation of hoping to raise money to get Chase onto his dream, which is to spend a white Christmas in New York.

K9 Heaven and everyone here thinks that this young man is more than deserving with a bit of a helping hand. 

We want to help out Chase, so we are at the moment initially taking kind donations at our office - which we will match dollar for dollar.

We hope to raise $1000 for Chase in which we will then match that or whatever amount up to dollar for dollar.

We all imagine the joy and happiness Chase could have if he and Stu can reach the goal of $5000 which will send him on this trip of a lifetime that he really wants, he is working hard at himself to you know!.

Please call the office if you are able to help out, there is a paypal account also that we can give to you.

Pretty soon we will come up with some other avenues of taking in donations or fundraising, which we match dollar for dollar.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, even just a gold coin next time your in...means so much at the other end.

Thank you!



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