Sunday, Sep 2, 2012

K9 Heaven is a hive of activity! 

So much that sometimes we forget to update the blog! - this year has been a great one for K9 Heaven.  

With Facebook being up and running with over 30,000 photos alone! - we really are rocking into the future and having a good time doing so.

Well within 1 year of it running, K9 Heaven's Facebook was & is overtaking the dog industry social media by a long shot.  We are extremely proud to have the numbers on our group within a year that others in the industry had taken 2 - 3 years to even come close too.

Facebook is great, our members love it, being overseas on top of a hill in Peru & being able to log in over dial-up and see your dog, has been well recieved!.  So we thank all of those out there going onto our Facebook page and checking in all the time, we only do it for you!.

We have many new members free running on the dog pack run farm now, and it is great to see them all getting out there and enjoying themselves.  Not all of our members are into it straight away.  Our staff work hard to ensure you dog finally gets out there one day enjoying the hills and the wind.  

Free running at a park is great fun and dogs love it.

K9 Heaven takes it to the next level with pack runs and motivates a fun group of 6 - 8 dogs to interact with each other on the move, rather than just 'together' in an area.  Exploration trips through the bush, having a mud bath together over the other side of the farm, chasing each other along bush tracks and coming out into a wide open for a wrestle, it's just great fun.

We didn't do the Pet Expo this year as we did it last year, but we heard it was a lot of fun!.  

K9 Heaven has now taken on a Pet Insurance company after searching high and low for a quality, caring and pet first company.  We will reveal them shortly.

The sun is finally out!!! and K9 Heaven is looking forward to a long hot one if we can!.

Well, thanks for stopping by our website.  If your considering dog care then give us a call, we can give your companion a great time, freedom, fun and enjoyment.

You don't find that out there often!



Other Recent Entries

I'm the second one


We trust the team at K9 Heaven with our Boxer Frank.  He's a high energy dog and the only time we ever see him tuckered out is after a full on day at K9 Heaven!  K9 Heaven brings out the best qualities in Frank and we highly recommend K9 Heaven to other dog owners.

- Frank the Boxer and his family


I just love it at K9 Heaven!  I go swimming, on bush walks with my other friends, and I run around and play.  Im 16 months old now and I still go to play and socialise with my friends.  I'm so lucky cos it's not fun being at home by myself.  Matt and the team are so cool.

- Alex the Retrodoodle and his parents

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